Need to purchase diapers once? Buy one size cloth diapers

Diapering babies can be a very expensive thing as they are not only going to be in diapers for a few months but for at least two years or more. Babies grow very fast and as much as sized diapers can be good, they can also be very expensive, and this is the reason why the best cloth diapers many cloth diaper reviews recommend are one size cloth diapers. In fact, one size cloth diaper is a good option that many mothers trust and chose. They come in different styles and no matter your taste you will always find a good one size cloth diaper that fits your needs.

A one size cloth diaper is one of the best cloth diapers for newborns because they can be used on the baby even as it continues to grow. They are able to fit babies that weigh 8 to 35 pounds. There are so many benefits of using a one size cloth diaper and some of them are;

You can use them on more than one baby

If you have two babies who are still in diapers then you will not have to buy more diapers as you can use the same diapers on the two children. You will need to have more dozens though to avoid daily laundry. It can be hectic to do your washing every day and the same time caring for two. Having more diapers will enable you to wash after every 2-3 days making it possible for you to also have a rest. In the other hand, when your baby grow up and don’t need to use cloth diaper anymore, you can reuse for the next baby. It can save you a lot of money indeed.

You can make your purchase once

If you do not like the idea of purchasing cloth diapers every now and then as the baby continues to grow, then the best newborn cloth diapers that you will need is the one sized type. Since it is able to fit a baby of any size you will only buy enough once. You will need about two dozen for one baby. For newborn cloth diapers, LBB cloth diapers reviews is a good document you should to read. LBB dipaers is a popular brand as well as a popular options for mothers available on market.

You can save a lot on cost

We live in tough economic times and everyone is looking for opportunities to save and one of the best ways for a new mom to save some money is to buy one sized cloth diapers. Unlike the sized ones that you will need to buy each time your baby outgrows the existing ones, once sized cloth diapers can be used with newborns to toddlers. This means that you will use less money when you opt for one sized diapers.

Everything that has advantages also has some disadvantages and one sized cloth diapers are no exception. As much as they can take care of a baby from birth to potty training, they are subject to wear and tear, especially if you have a small number and you wash more often. This means that if you plan on using the same set of diapers on baby number two, then you will have to replace some.

Another disadvantage of one sized cloth diapers is the fact that babies come in different sizes and shapes and not all of them will fit comfortably in one sized cloth diapers. Some babies grow much faster and there are also those who are slow and get into potty training stage much later.


Options to choose from

People are becoming more creative and therefore the needs of many new moms are also changing with time. To be competitive enough many companies that make cloth diapers come up with different styles and designs of one sized cloth diapers, giving new moms, a variety of options to choose from. The cost of the diapers is different and most of the time the cost depends on a given style or design. One sized cloth diapers are affordable and also easily available in the market.

The final thoughts:

That are all things about one size cloth diapers you should to know and clarify. May these information can help you become a smart shopping mommy as well as take care your baby better. We recommend you take your time to read some cloth diaper reviews to have a deep knowledge for diaper your little angel.

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