Everything pregnant women should know during 19-week fetus

How to feel less hot?

If you feel too hot and uncomfortable with bed sheets, please use a fan or air conditioner, whatever is the season of the year. You can also remove his pajamas too tight to feel more comfortable. If the husband is so great you “hint”, then you just say to you it is less hot! You can compress a wet towel on the forehead, neck, and chest. Do not worry about being cold, because your body will know when it’s coming, “threshold” cold, unless the controls on your brain refuses to work.

How to feel the love of life than when pregnant

Try to take the time to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. At this time, hope the annoying phenomenon for your body has ended, and the unborn baby is not too large to cause another upset. You can feel very happy and love life. But other times, you feel yourself be obese and slightly bored. You can also easily snap in an instant because of dissatisfaction with someone or because of little things. Take time to exercise to help your body produce endorphins; hormones help feel relaxed. You can go swimming, walking, exercise or yoga gently. You can also spend time alone to feel and talk to your baby, but do not necessarily have to have someone else besides.

Changes in the body during pregnancy week 19

The skin on your legs and arms may appear small spots. In the second trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women often seem pale. However, you do not worry because this is just a high estrogen level expression in your body, not your these areas are anemic. After birth, everything will return to normal.

Now you do not try to find your navel and then lowered! If your navel before pregnancy is slightly concave to the moment, it began protruding. At week 19, the umbilical will flat out with the surrounding skin. Growing up baby in the womb, the mother is protruding navel better. The interesting thing is the navel of the mother is one of the body parts will be changed completely after birth. Therefore do not be surprised or alarmed if it looks slightly different than before.

At this stage, your breasts may have paused change, and you also have to become familiar with the new look of their breasts. Later, the nipple and areola will be bigger than the dark color. You should choose a suitable bra for added comfort. Usually, bra pregnant women often can increase two or three times more than before pregnancy. These are natural changes in the body to help you prepare for your produce baby milk after birth.

You will recognize her start gaining weight much more than the previous week. During the next ten weeks, increase your weight can be almost half the total weight increases throughout the pregnancy. One of the reasons is that the body inside your baby is growing fat and muscle layers.

Do you crave weird foods? If you start seeing gloat want to taste the sand, charcoal in the fireplace or oven, or even a piece of chalk, do not be too worried. This is a medical phenomenon called “Pica”, and although it seems odd, may stem from underlying causes rather than, for example, what it contains substances that your body requires for reasons somehow. However, to resist the temptation, do not eat this stuff. Instead, you make sure a full menu of nutrients, varied in taste and ingredients.

These emotional changes this week

At this stage, you can feel the tension a bit. Although this is not the end of pregnancy, pregnant women, especially those who are working, to prepare for the day your baby is born. Nobody can predict the moment of that great event, unless your baby. Many future parents thought I had plenty of time; it turned out not to be. Therefore, mothers should plan early, to avoid falling into the passive in the last moments.

Some mothers who have children may feel hard to share feelings with second child imminent. This is a very natural psychological and can be discharged between the mother through the center, talking to each other. You rest assured because the kid has a great ability is to make his parents love. Do not torment yourself because the imagination of yourselves!

The baby’s changing this week

According to a comparison by the size of fruits, at week 19, the baby will be the size of a banana. Where not like bananas, but bananas large jog! Baby weight around 240 grams, quite small but will grow quite a lot too. A small suggestion for moms wants to remember about the baby’s growth in the womb, the baby’s measurements at birth were: weight 3.5 kg, head circumference and body length of 35cm 53cm, are the combination of the numbers 3 and 5.

This week, the brain and the baby’s body in cooperation with one another, meaning that the baby’s movements become less random and more real by about baby were able to control an active part of the body. For example, when you are in a special position that the baby does not like, you will feel your baby squirming to find suitable space. The right child is chosen know it?

In the womb, the baby constantly drinks and swallows amniotic fluid. Cycle swallow amniotic fluid, waste digestion and then the baby’s urine will take place during pregnancy. The waste began to form in the infant’s gut and will be discharged at the time of the baby’s first bowel movement.

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