Everything pregnant women should know during 21-week fetus

Implications for 21 weeks pregnant

Even very tired, you still remember who set stretching before bed. Also, do not let anything near Bed objects to avoid accidentally stumble as you need to get quickly up at midnight. It is highly recommended to choose the best pregnancy pillow as it is rather good for your sleep.

Do not skip checking the monthly amount, and misses the mark on the calendar. Hospitals and clinics are often scheduled examinations for many people at once, so you need to estimate a decent interval for the periodic examination. Do not just fret to the work you will do after finishing periodic inspection.

Do you look to buy some cookbooks and think about the appropriate food can make available in the fridge, so you’ll know what the dish with its fascinating and still delicious after thawing. There are a variety of foods so delicious.

The uncomfortable feeling in the legs!

If you wake up from a dream, it’s not possible you are suffering from cramps. At 21 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women often get cramps in the calf and the surrounding muscle. Your body can be naturally cramped anytime, even at midnight. This is a particular phenomenon are shrinking, causing pain. If cramps in the calf, you try to stretch their legs and hands gently reverse the toes toward the shin. In doing so a few times, the engine will be stretched to the original position.

Sometimes cramps occur due to your lack of calcium or magnesium or sodium in the diet. You must have heard of the popular tips to treat cramps like a piece of chalk or a clove of garlic at the end of the bed. Is still the most effective body to ensure you get enough water and practice some relaxation exercises before going to bed in the evening?

Now that your belly was rising, and it’s hard to hide that you are pregnant. People will pay more attention to you; some people may wonder and even asked if you were not pregnant.

You will feel as if you are handed needles. Typically, this is due to carpal tunnel syndrome (syndrome tunnel) by blocking fluid around the nerves in the wrist, causing an impact on the thumb and pointer. Measures physiotherapy and bracing may restrict hand pain and numbness.

Another problem of this stage is a headache, cannot often at this time but will increase in the coming weeks. The culprit is still maternity hormone. So do not let your body become dehydrated or overheated. When a headache, you are relaxing in a dark room and a scarf covering his eyes with cool, or eat a little snack. But if suddenly your persistent headache with vision is affected, you should go to your doctor immediately.

Vaginal fluids will also be more. During pregnancy, vaginal secretions are often loose, white or in and odorless. Many women use tampons so daily. However, it is easy to cause bacteria to grow, so if you notice itching and burning every time of urination, see your doctor. Usually, the doctor will prescribe antifungal medications.

You will also start to feel painless contractions occur mainly in the upper part of the uterus. If placed his hand on the belly, you can feel the contractions after the collective advantage, bending or sex, or even when you’re not doing anything much. That’s just the body you are practicing to prepare for actual labor later.

The baby’s changing this week

Your baby weighs about 360 this week grams and less than 26.7 cm in length from head to rump. She still looks like a little doll, but her skin still wrinkled. This is because babies grow faster skin subcutaneous fat. This week, you are entitled to comfort eating, as long as you remember that it is to gain weight for the baby, not for you.

Your baby is starting to form an important substance in the lungs, which is surfactant – a substance that helps the lungs full of air inhaled as soon as the baby birth. You just think of the leaves on the trees and will figure out the tiny air sacs can be opened to the transmission of oxygen to the surrounding blood vessels. If the mother early labor, it should be injected steroids to support the provision of infant surfactant.

This week, through ultrasound images, can see the heart chambers and major blood vessels of the heart of the baby. Although still very young, the authorities will develop together with the other parts of her body.

Your baby can hear. This time, the baby’s ears have perfected functions and will respond if there is a sudden loud noise. Barking dogs, slamming of doors, the sound of car boot will keep your baby kicked startled. Your baby’s bones are gradually more rugged, so you remember to take adequate calcium daily.

Your baby this week was able to move all the muscles and even has many other actions. You get the feeling that she became more powerful and lightweight machines are no longer just as before, makes you wonder if there are any problems. However, this week, you do not need to worry.

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