Baby Classes You Should Take Your Kids

As all you know that raising a kid is not an easy task, it evenly that hardest thing in the life because you have many things to care about from the food, cloths, education, etc. and it is not only for a few days, months, it is for years, for your whole life to take care of your kids.

All parents want to provide the best living and developing condition for their kids, and the roles of classes and courses during kids life and this is the main topic of this post. I want to dig the roles, effects, benifits, and problems of the baby classes which you can find a lot on the internet or it just next to your door.

We are cannot deny the fact that we cannot do any thing that we do not learn and teach, and we are able to do things in the most effective and fastest ways with the direction. So that, there are a lot of baby center are built with all types of classes for your kids, even from they are 3 or 4 years old.

Classes for kids are various and really diversity in type, subjects, and model, you should check if it is realy necessary for your kid to join all kind of classes or just some of them. As my personal opinion, you should sign for your kids in the trial classes before registrate for the whole course, because it is important to check if your kid like it or not, to make sure that they can learn effectively and prevent the case they do not want to go to the classes.

In order to make you easy following and keep my opinions more clearly, I devide the type of classes into different groups which are: sport classes, soft skill classes, talent classes, and scient classes

Sport Class

The purposes of those classes is help your kids to get familiar with sports around them, and also provide a playin ground for kids, solve one of the biggest problems for parents in some recent years. In addition, thank to the sport classes, you can find what is your kid’s strength in sport and help them to find the interesting about new thing in life and have a good training plan for them from young age. There are some classes you can take a look:

Martial Art:

This is the kind of sport which is not only a sport, it is helpful in the future life to help your kids able to protect themselves from danger and increase their reaction speed in daily life case. For kids, this is also the case for them to expand their social area, finding more friends, and also help them to find their love with martial arts.

There are a lot of advantages that martial art bring to your kids, and there are 17 benifits that you can can easily see: self-defense, focusing on subjects and listening, team work skills and positive social interaction, self-controlation and decision making, balance and posture, memorization and retention, discipline and responsibility, physical fitness and healthy, coordination skill, confidence building, stranger awareness, respect, good behaviors, reduce childhood obesity, anti-bullying education, personal attention, building friendship. All of those things are important for your kids to have a balance and healthy life in both present and future.


Well, this kind of sport has benifits that all people know what they are. It is obviously that outdoor activities are good for all people, and exercise outdoor is better, you can find your love with the ball, control it and build friendship with other people. As all the kind of sport, soccer helps to build healthy kids since physical conditions of their body are used and train frequently.

As you know that soccer players usually run a lot, about 7 miles for each game, so it help your kids to develop their Respiratory system, and heart, keep them in shape and decrease the ratio of obesity. Moreover, soccer is a team sport, it helps your kids to improve their social skills and self-conident building to help them can communicate with other in the most effective way.

And last one, when you build the love with soccer, it is not only a period benifit but also last for your life when playing soccer can help you to balance everything in your life, reduce stress and keep your body work out after school or work.


Well, this is my favorite sport and also my children. This is the sport which help you a lot to keep you in shape in the most natural way. Human is naturally know how to swim in water, so this is the sport which does not have limit of age, therefore, you can sign for the swimming classes for your babies anytime. Swimming classes for kids have something different from the adult one, such as the depth of the pool, size is smaller help parents to stand next to the pool and help their kids.

Soft Skill Classes

Soft skills are not only good for kids but also for adults in daily life. There are a lot of different kind of soft skills and classes where teach people those skills such as reading, listening skills (how to identify and pick the main point in long passage), communication, verbal and non-verbal communication, boday language, negotiation skills, group leading.

For pre-school kids, the soft skill classes is important to develop their communication and evaluation skills, many soft skill course also teach them survival skills when meet acident in life such as the fire, stranger. Especially, you should get your kids to the  soft skills classes to improve their reaction about daily life and help them to communicate with the same age kids, it is help a lot for them to improve their speaking skills and express what they want. There are some classes of soft skills that you should give your kids a try:

Learning Experiences:

This the best solution for you to ensure that your kids can handle all the kind of homeworks from scjool and balance their life between learning, exercising, and communication. If your kids have any problems about doing homework and cannot catch the daily speed of class, you should sign this learning experiences for them.

Exploring And Trying New Things:

It is clearly that kids are curious about everything, but there are a lot of dangerous subjects out there which can harm your kid in just a blink, so this is the solution for you. In this class, your kids are taught to classify dangerous object. Moreover, with this class, your kids also make kids to thing and approach problems in different ways, set the questions to solve the case in order.

Communication Skill:

In some recent decates, each family usually has 1 kid only, therefore, kids are not have frient to talk and communicate in the same age with them, so that, in the soft skill classes, especially in the communication classes, your kids have changes to talk, play with same age kids. It is absolutely useful in developing ability of talking, expressing emotion and ideas of your kids.


Many kids perform and create bed habit when they are not responded in the way they ask for. This is really a bad habit for your kids and you need to change it. With the class, your kids will be taught to control themselves in daily life and also help you to do some simple chores.


Painting, making handmade stuff is the most popular classes belonging to this types of soft skills. This class can help you to see clearly how your kid work with diferent kind of material and then you can know if your kids are good with knowledge about various things, then you can teach or find they way to help your kid find other way of approach subjects.

Confident To Say:

In the social environment, your kids can learn to express what they want and moreover, they wil find their own way to make positive outlook, and using verbal language.

Talent Classes

This is what you need after make trial of all the kind you kids like to try. After trial courses, you can identify what is your kids advantages and disadvantages, what activity they love, and base on that, you can choose the suitable and more specificated classes to develop your kid’s talent. For example, if your kid are good at moving their body, sports such as martial art or dancing maybe the good choice. Or if they like music and instrument, you can sign some instrument or singing classes for them. As I have known, violin is the best choice for the kids who are very active and always running around. Practicing violin is need a lot of attention and patience, so play violin can help your kids to calm down, see thing more carefully and help them to control themselve better.

Music Classes:

There are various music classes for kids which you can find easily on the internet and of the leaflets as well. The studying time should not more than one hour because, remember, they still young, if your force them to work too hard, it can cause somethings worth.

Sport Classes:

As I mentioned above, there are a lot of sport classes you can find in the market and then you can choose the most suitable one for your kid. One thing you need to pay attention about it is that your kid can play and practice this sport at home, so you need to preapare all the device in the back yard for your kids. For kids, 2 of the most popular sport that parents usually choose for them are dancing and martials. For dancing, it can help them to exercise all day, as the natural when you see that kids are automatically react to the music and it also help them to understand music and build their friendship.

Acting Classes:

About acting, as my personal opinions, it is more likely the cosplay class, where your kids can cosplay their famous charaters in the cartoons such as Elsa in frozen, Lighting man, superman, Thor. However, it does not mean that it is not good, in fact, with those classes, you kids can understand the different between film and real life and in addition, when they are in the role of good characters, they can learn about the responsibiliy of them, so they can learn to do some housework without asking or ordering from parents.

Scient classes

This type of class is more suitable for primary students since they have some overview about safety condition and some kind of basic knowledge about scient. It si not like in the school that you have to learn the things on high level, this is more about the nature, explaination about the natural phenomenons and help your kids to understand the mystery behind it. There are some kind of classes about chemical reaction in the daily life, it is really useful for you to keep your kids out of the dangerous place and play with harmul subjects, which you do not have much time and remember to teach your kids.

Natural Classes:

The topi of those classes are about daily phenomenons such as how the thunder is made, how to avoid the accident from it, why it is raining, or where the wind comes from.

Chemical Classes:

It is the classes where combine the role of daily phenomenon with how to make it and also some tip and tricks to create some chemical tricks such as making volcanic eruption, the color changing of litmus paper.

Magic classes:

This class maybe is the most attractive class for your kids when they can learn, do, and perform the magic at one place. By this way, your kids can create their confidence to perform what they learnt in the class infront of their friend,

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