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Let’s Get Organized!

Organizing your home can feel like an incredible chore. At the same time videos on the internet where people organize their homes are going viral. There is something profoundly soothing about watching someone clean and the end result makes us want to take a good hard look at our own homes but where to start? When it comes to cleaning, the end result is probably the motivation. More than just getting the space clean, it’s about the fulfillment of looking back at your labor and thinking ‘yes, I did it!’. An aesthetically pleasing image of going over your cupboard filled with the same glass bottles containing your favorite spices and oils or a bathroom drawer with bottles of your shampoos and shower gels all in the same containers. Some besutiful Miron glass bottles might give you such a result!

Organized home, organized mind?

There is a belief that a clean home means a clean mind. This is definitely true for some. A clean space takes a way a stressor and provides some peace and clarity among you. Take a look at some wholesale glass dropper bottles for the variety of bottles and how you can use them to organize your own home. Let’s take a look at your bathroom for example. Shampoos, conditioners and shower gels all come in their own flasks but aside from how pleasing a cupboard or drawer with identical bottles looks there is another benefit in using glass bottles. There are bottles made from special violet glass with an unique filter to protect and preserve your products and extend their shelf life. UV-rays can be harmful to the longevity and quality of some products. Another perk is that a glass bottle has a smooth top so the product can slide in and out easily. For oils or thinner products that need to be carefully dosed you can opt for something with a glass pipette. Elegant design with a purpose.

Elevate your storage

So these are two things to consider when looking for new ways to up your storage system. Keep in mind when you have some lotions or oils you are very fond of which type of glass bottles you want to purchase.  Whether it be rare spices for your kitchen or essential oils you want to handle with care and precision. Though you could just be going for something to bring the whole room together. A neatly organized rack with identical bottles for everything. Organize your products to excellence!